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Crawl Space Repair Worthington, IA

Omaha Foundation Pros has been providing crawl space repair services in the Worthington, IA area for many years now. Our dedicated crew of basement, foundation, and crawl space professionals know the ins and outs of crawl space repair and installation, 

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and they are looking forward to working with you in the near future!

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Our crawl space vapor barriers can be used to keep moisture, odors, and unwanted pests from getting into the area underneath your home. We can install these vapor barriers quickly and for an affordable price for you. There are a lot of homeowners who think they can pick up the supplies for their vapor barrier project and install everything on their own. This is a job which is best left to the professionals to take care of. Odds are, you don’t have the necessary tools to properly install a crawl space vapor barrier. Even if you do, it’s a time-consuming, frustrating, and even dangerous undertaking for an individual who isn’t experienced in vapor barrier installation.

Worthington, IA

The territory on which Worthington happens to be situated was initially bought by David Lovelace from the United States Government. The Dubuque South-Western Railroad – the area branch of the Chicago-Milwaukee and St. Paul lines – was contracted to build a line from Farley to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 1858, an Englishman known as Amos Worthington came to the region to create a general store. By November 1858 the region became an unincorporated town referred to as village of Worthington. By May of the next year regular rail service was set up. A plat of Worthington was set up with the Dubuque county recorder in 1858.

In 1861, Worthington sold his store to a William Moore and departed for Cincinnati, Ohio. Ultimately this store became called the Heffner and Lattner Store. Settlers also started showing up in your community, with a number of individuals setting up businesses.

Soon a Baptist Church was set up in Worthington, with James Hill as Pastor. In 1868 Father Kortenkamp of St. Francis parish in Dyersville, Iowa made the decision that Worthington was big enough to deserve its own Catholic parish, and St. Paul’s Catholic Church was started.

On October 1, 1892, numerous local inhabitants filed a petition in the District Court of Iowa in and for Dubuque County demanding Worthington to be officially incorporated as a town. On November 23, the court called for village occupants Peter Baum, W. Lattner, G.A. Dando, Louis Hoppleu, and Theodore Ament to act as commissioners. As commissioners they were to demand a special election of all qualified individuals in the proposed region to vote on the matter of becoming incorporated. This election occured on January 2, 1893. There were 42 votes cast – 32 were for the proposal and ten were against. Eight days later, on January 10, 1893, the Clerk of the District Court reported that the election occured.

The notice of the incorporation election was published in the Dyersville Commercial for a number of weeks, with the last notice getting released on February 17, 1893. Then on March 6, 1893 the results of the election were officially certified by the District Court Clerk – completing the incorporation of Worthington, Iowa. The official date of incorporation of Worthington was set as January 2, 1893 when the special election had occurred.

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