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Yard Drain & Grading

If your home has poor yard drainage and grading, then you likely notice water pooling up whenever it rains, or when you have melting snow on your lawn. This can prove to be a serious problem whenever the water starts building up next to your foundation walls or basement windows. Water always finds the path of least resistance, and all of this water pooling up by your home will eventually find a way to get inside – whether it’s over the top of the foundation wall or through your basement windows.

Once inside, the moisture drips down the walls, and this can cause ugly stains to form, as well as nasty mold growth. This moisture can also puddle up on the floor and cause damage to anything you may have stored in this area of your home. Needless to say, this is a problem that you must deal with sooner rather than later so that you can prevent any additional damage from occurring. We know that a lot of homeowners worry that they are going to have to get their entire lawn dug up to fix the problem. Fortunately, there have been many advancements over the years in the waterproofing industry, and we now have many different products we can provide for you to take care of the problem effectively.

Dual Action Water Flow

Yard Drain System

To help with water flow on your lawn, we can install a yard drainage system. Often times, these exterior drains are referred to as French drains. They prevent water from pooling up on your lawn after a heavy rain, or when you have a lot of melting snow on your lawn. No pools of water means no mosquitoes, or nasty bugs swarming your property, as well.

Grading Your Lawn

If you have a problem with the terrain of your lawn, we can be sure that it is properly graded. You will know if you have a grading problem if you have noticeable divots on the lawn in spots, or if you have hills that slope downward toward the foundation. If this is the case, whenever it rains, moisture is going to roll down the hill and build up next to your foundation walls and basement windows.

Waterproofing Solutions
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What an excellent job. The were very friendly and courteous. They cleaned up everything as if they never been there. I was so impressed. Dave was very information – no hard sell, product sold itself.

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