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Basement Sump Pump

basement sump pump can be installed to help with removing water from this space below your home. A sump is typically installed in the lowest lying area of your basement. A pit is dug out in the floor and the pump is placed on top of it. Interior drain systems are attached to the sump. Once water inside reaches a certain level in the pit, it is pushed out and away from the home to a safe distance away where it won’t easily be able to get back into the home again. Installation for a sump pump is quick, and our professionals have installed countless systems in homes all over your surrounding area in Nebraska.


Water Pump

The pump is the main part of the sump system. It’s responsible for pushing water out of the basement environment. A check valve is also part of the sump and it prevents water from the discharge line from draining back into the sump pit.

Sump Basket

As mentioned above, the sump basket is installed in the floor. Once water inside of it reaches a certain level, it is sent out of the home. Drainage systems are connected to the sump pit and these drains collect water from the walls and floors. Sometimes the “basket” is referred to as the pit or basin.

Battery Backup

In addition to installing the main pump under your home, we can also install a battery backup unit that will be activated in case the main pump fails, or if the power happens to go out. When does the power usually go out in your home? The answer is probably,”during a storm.” This is when you need your sump pump the most to help with keeping moisture out where it belongs and not pooling up on your basement floor and causing problems.

Waterproofing Solutions
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