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Wet Basement

wet basement

Whenever you notice that you have a wet basement in Nebraska, it’s not a problem that you should ignore. The longer you put off getting the issue taken care of, the more likely it becomes that you are going to have some expensive and serious damage on your hands to deal with. Leaks in the basement can be caused from a variety of things, including water getting inside through foundation

wall cracks. Moisture is also able to get into the home through floor cracks, leaking basement windows, over the top of the foundation, through clogged floor drains, or the problem may be related to a plumbing issue under the home, such as a leaking pipe or a backed up sewer line. Regardless of the cause of the moisture, it must be taken care of before it leads to deterioration of your home’s structural integrity. We offer the perfect solutions for your wet basement problem in your local Nebraska area that will deliver thorough water mitigation- forever.


Interior Waterproofing

We can waterproof the basement from inside the home using special interior drainage systems which can be installed around the perimeter of the area. These drainage systems will be connected to a sump pump which will eventually push the water out and away from the home to a safe distance away where it won’t easily be able to get back inside again. Along with drainage, we can also install dehumidifiers which will be able to control humidity under the home. This helps with preventing a variety of problems, including mold and bacteria growth.

Sump Pump

No waterproofing plan is complete without the installation of a sump pump. We offer strong, durable sump pumps which will be able to handle whatever kind of moisture issues your basement throws at it. A sump is installed in the lowest lying area of a basement, and a pit is put into the floor. Drain systems are connected to the pit. Once water inside of this basin reaches a certain level, it will be sent out from the home. We can also provide you with battery back up units that can come in handy in case the main pump stops working like it should, or if your home experiences a power outage. When this happens, the back up kicks into gear on its own and takes over where the primary pump left off. This means you can rest assured knowing that your basement is continuously protected from moisture damage in even the nastiest of storms. This will surely be a huge relief to you!