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Crawl Space Repair Norfolk, NE

Omaha Foundation Pros has been providing crawl space repair services in the Norfolk, NE area for many years now. Our crawl space professionals know the ins and outs of crawl space repair and have the necessary skills and know-how to get this area under your home dry and safe.

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Wet Crawl Space

Are you living with a wet crawl space? If you answered yes, then you should contact Omaha Foundation Pros as soon as you can! A wet crawl space can act as a breeding ground for the development of dangerous mold, even black mold. These mold spores can easily get into the air you and your loved ones breathe and cause you to become ill. Mold has been known to cause an assortment of health problems, such as: respiratory problems, headaches, allergies, fatigue, and a number of other negative health problems.

Furthermore, a wet crawl space is very enticing to unwanted bugs and critters. Bugs, spiders, snakes, mice, rats, and other creatures are attracted by your wet crawl space and can start living underneath your home. This is extremely dangerous and is something you shouldn’t contend with in your home.

Norfolk, NE

During late 1865, three scouts were dispatched from a German Lutheran settlement near Ixonia, Wisconsin to find productive, affordable farmland which could be claimed beneath the Homestead Act. From the Omaha region, they followed the Elkhorn River upstream to West Point. Finding that region too congested, they carried on up the river. On September 15, they hit the junction of the Elkhorn and its North Fork, and chose that region as a settlement site. On May 23, 1866, a party of 124 settlers representing 42 families from the Ixonia region set out for northeast Nebraska in 3 wagon trains. They reached the new site on July 15. Another group of settlers from Wisconsin showed up in July 1867.

The original name of the community was a variation of “North Fork”, but accounts fluctuate on the actual name: “Northfork”, “Nor’fork”, and “Nordfork” are all suggested. The name was sent in to federal postal authorities, and at some point in time was transmuted to “Norfolk”. The pronunciation “Norfork” is still used by lots of Nebraskans.

In the 1970s, another endeavor was made to relocate the county seat from Madison to Norfolk. In a 1975 countywide election, the move’s proponents didn’t secure a simple majority. A 60% majority would have been needed for the measure to pass.

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