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Nebraska City ParkWe know that Omaha Foundation Pros is a name most people associate with crawl space or basement waterproofing, but we also offer exceptional crawl space repair services in Nebraska City, NE. Regardless of whether you need crawl space vapor barriers, crawl space repair, crawl space insulation installation, or whatever other crawl space service, we can work with you.

Our crawl space repair experts have been working in the Nebraska City community for quite some time now and they are looking forward to working with you and your home next! We want to ensure our clients that you will be pleased with our crawl space repair services.

Crawl Space Insulation

Installing crawl space insulation can be rather complicated. Also, regrettably, there are a lot of contractors out there who put in insulating materials which do not have the ability keep hot summer air or chilly winter air out of this place beneath your home. Also, this poor quality insulation may permit water and mold to saturate the material and trigger an assortment of problems for you and your home.

Omaha Foundation Pros only makes use of insulating materials which are specially-engineered to last and can hold up to the moisture which might try to get into your crawl space. Preventing moisture from getting into this spot of your home is critical. With crawl space insulation, you can help to protect the structural integrity of your house as well as your family's overall health and well-being.

Nebraska City, NE

Nebraska City BridgeEarly European-American official exploration was noted in 1804 by Lewis and Clark as they moved to the west along the Missouri River. They came across a number of the historic Native American tribes whose ancestors had lived on the territory for hundreds of years.

During the many years of early pioneer settlement, in 1846 the US Army constructed Old Fort Kearny at Nebraska City. Many years later, the army deserted it to move the fort to central Nebraska, now to the south of present-day Kearney.

Since that start, the city became set up as a regional transportation, economic, and agriculture center for the 3 state area. Additional types of transportation were crucial, including the steam wagon and also the first locomotive engine of the Midland Pacific.

J. Sterling Morton arrived at Nebraska City in 1855 to revise the Nebraska City News. Formerly from Michigan, he and his wife Caroline were enthusiasts of nature. Morton served as Secretary of Agriculture beneath President Grover Cleveland’s administration and in 1872 he was a key player in setting up the yearly tree planting day, Arbor Day. Governor Robert Furnas of Nebraska released the first Arbor Day Proclamation on March 31, 1874. The holiday is commemorated all over the world.

Nebraska City features its own hospital, St Marys Hospital. As the county seat, it has the courthouse as well as associated county offices.

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