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Foundation Cracks in Alvo

Foundation Cracks

When your foundation has cracks, they must be fixed before additional problems crop up as a result. A cracked foundation can be caused from numerous things, such as normal curing and shrinkage of the concrete in the foundation. Also, the crack could be caused from something more serious, such as as settlement issue or a bowing wall. A professional foundation repair company will be needed to properly assess the damage. During a consultation with our repair team, we can provide you with a FREE inspection and estimate.

Solutions We Offer For Foundation Cracks in Alvo Area

At Lincoln Foundation Pros, we use epoxy injection to fill and seal wall cracks. The process starts out with us clearing off the surface where the crack is so that dirt and debris don't get inside during the repair. Next, we inject the epoxy material into the crack so that it fills it up from the earth to the surface of the wall. In a matter of minutes, the material will cure and dry. Then, the crack is sealed off and it will never again let moisture seep into your home. If the crack was caused from a foundation settlement issue, we will also need to install piers to help support the weight of your home. If the wall cracks were due to a problem with leaning basement walls, we can install wall anchors to help prevent additional bowing.

Nebraska's Trusted Foundation Crack Experts

We are Nebraska reliable foundation crack specialists you can count on with our 10+ years in the business. Our team of professionals have worked with numerous homeowners over the years, and we have helped them with wall cracks, sinking homes, bowing walls, tilting chimneys, floor cracks, and more. We fix all types of cracks - vertical, horizontal, and stair-step. We want our customers to know that we can work on any kind of foundation, including stone, cinder block, concrete, and more.

Feel free to call us today if you would like more information about our foundation repair services. Our team of structural experts is here and ready to work with you!