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Foundation Cracks in Arthur, IA

Foundation Cracks

When your foundation has cracks, they must be fixed before additional problems crop up as a result. There are many things that can cause this common structural problem, including the natural curing process of concrete. Also, the crack could be caused from something more serious, such as as settlement issue or a bowing wall. You will need to have the wall inspected by a professional to get a complete understanding of what caused the issue in the first place. At Lincoln Foundation Pros, we offer FREE inspections and estimates.

Solutions We Offer For Foundation Cracks in Arthur Area

At Lincoln Foundation Pros, we use epoxy injection to fill and seal wall cracks. First, we clean off the surface of the crack so that no dust is able to get inside during the repair process. Afterward, we fill the crack up completely with the epoxy material. It will quickly cure, dry, and you can paint over it to match with the rest of your basement environment. After the repair, you can rest easy knowing that no moisture will ever be able to get inside again to cause problems. If the crack was caused from a foundation settlement issue, we will also need to install piers to help support the weight of your home. If the problem was caused from a bowing wall, we will also need to install wall anchors to strengthen, support, and stabilize the structure.

Iowa's Trusted Foundation Crack Experts

We are Iowa reliable foundation crack specialists you can count on with our 10+ years in the business. We have helped countless homeowners over the years with their cracked foundation problems, and we are looking forward to helping you next. We have the ability to repair any type of crack your wall may have, big or small, short or long, vertical, horizontal, or in a stair-step pattern. We also work on all types of foundations, including concrete, block wall, stone, and more.

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