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Along with basement waterproofing and foundation repair, Omaha Foundation Pros also provides exceptional crawl space repair services in Omaha, NE. With numerous years of experience working in the region, we realize that you and your family will be happy with our services.

Crawl Space Supports

If your property has structural damage, you will need crawl space supports to help keep this space beneath your home safe and sound. You might be wondering how you will know if you have a structural problem with your crawl space. If you discover sagging floors, windows and doors that will not open or close properly, or see cracks along brickwork or along the corners of doors and windows, then you most likely are in need of crawl space support systems from our crawl space repair company.

Omaha, NE

Omaha, NE Tower

A variety of Native American tribes had resided in the land which grew to be Omaha, including since the seventeenth century, the Omaha and Ponca, Dhegian-Siouan-language people who had came from the lower Ohio River valley and migrated to the west by the early 17th century; Pawnee, Otoe, Missouri, and Ioway. The word Omaha means "Dwellers on the bluff."

In 1804 the Lewis and Clark Expedition went by the riverbanks where the city of Omaha would be developed. Between July 30 and August 3, 1804, people in the expedition, like Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, became aquainted with with Oto and Missouria tribal leaders at the Council Bluff at a point about twenty miles to the north of present-day Omaha. Immediately to the south of that region, Americans constructed a number of fur trading outposts in succeeding years, such as Fort Lisa in 1812; Fort Atkinson in 1819; Cabanné's Trading Post, constructed in 1822, and Fontenelle's Post in 1823, in what grew to become Bellevue. There was intense competition among fur traders until John Jacob Astor developed the monopoly of the American Fur Company. The Mormons created a town known as Cutler's Park in the region in 1846. Although it was temporary, the settlement provided the foundation for additional development in the future.

Around the turn of the 21st century, a number of new downtown skyscrapers and cultural institutions were constructed. One First National Center was finished in 2002, surpassing the Woodmen Tower as the highest building in Omaha as well as in the state at 638 feet. The development of the city's new North Downtown included the building of the CenturyLink Center and also the Slowdown/Film Streams development at North 14th and Webster Streets. Development of the new TD Ameritrade Park started in 2009 and was finished in 2011, also in the North Downtown area, close to the CenturyLink Center.

During the summer of 2008 and 2012 the United States Olympic Team swimming trials were in Omaha, at the Qwest/Century Link Center. The big event was obviously a highlight in the city's sports community, in addition to a showcase for redevelopment in the downtown area.

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